In 1955, in one of the most unlikely of places, a sportswear icon was born. Fueled by whiskey and a delayed flight, Abbot Pederson bought an unlikely drinking buddy for his flight home in the form of a stuffed penguin he named Pete. At some point during the flight and after another cocktail or three, he accidentally knocked off Pete the Penguin's head. A stewardess on board the plane wrapped a tie around the penguin's neck and joked, "He'd look good on a shirt," prompting Pederson to embroider this character onto his new shirts. An icon was born. Since then, Pete the Penguin has shaped a league of legends from Frank to Bing and Clint to Arnie. Original Penguin has been adorned and adored by the masters of culture and sport, to define himself as an American classic who knows how to have fun. Still revered by today's originals, this iconic brand now fully embraces the lifestyle of what it means to be an original and how to have fun while doing it. We are what you wear in good times #BeAnOriginal Learn more about our brand history below. .
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